• • • Exposed Frames • • •

The leaves have come off the trees,
revealing intricate systems
of twigs and branches.
Stormy November skies highlight their dramatic form.

photo courtesy of flickr.com

photo courtesy of flickr.com

The grand beauties' exposed branches
makes me think of exposed wood upholstered furniture. 

• • • Under Wraps • • •

Typically, the wood frame of
upholstered furniture is undercover —
— a utilitarian base that is wrapped
in foam, springs and down,
then layered with the wool, cotton,
linen, velvet or leather
that touches our skin.

photo courtesy of  anneball.co.uk

photo courtesy of anneball.co.uk

• • • Elegant Frames • • •

Watch what happens when
the wood frame is exposed
and incorporated as part
of the finished piece.

photo courtesy of christopherguy.com

photo courtesy of christopherguy.com

Fluid curves.
High contrast.

A piece of sculpture that offers
a plump and inviting seat.

• • • Simply Contemporary • • •

Exposed wood & upholstery combinations
are nearly limitless in materials, style, and tone.

Here, walnut and leather team up
in a contemporary sofa/daybed:

photo courtesy of  americanleather.com

photo courtesy of americanleather.com

• • • Classic Art • • •

Dining chairs often combine
a wooden back and frame
with an upholstered seat.

This one raises the combination
to an art form.

photo courtesy of flickr.com

photo courtesy of flickr.com

• • • Glamorous Setting • • •

Here, a lovely combination
that is customizable in wood finish,
upholstery fabric, and even size —
—either as a chair or a settee:

photo courtesy of  emersonbentley.com

photo courtesy of emersonbentley.com

• • • Architectural Perspective • • •

Frank Lloyd Wright is well known
for the wood/upholstery combination
as in this barrel chair from 1937:

photo courtesy of  cassina.com

photo courtesy of cassina.com

• • • Solid Standing • • •

Encased in walnut side panels,
here is a tailored version
of an exposed wood sofa:

photo courtesy of  emersonbentley.com

photo courtesy of emersonbentley.com

• • • Whimsies & Curves • • •

Those who like a little whimsy
with their wood might enjoy
this pouffy curlicue sofa
as much as I do:

photo courtesy of  caracole.com

photo courtesy of caracole.com

The bare branches dotting our seasonal landscape
are dramatic in one way, quiet and meditative in another.
In this season of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for
the exposed wooden bones of truly wonderful furniture,
from the tailored to the dramatic.

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