I recently attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas and couldn't get over the miles of fixtures and faucets. My favorite part, as always, is looking at the range of human inventiveness. Here are a couple of my favorite bathroom sink vanities that caught my eye for the range of tastes they speak to — from girlie to tailored — both stand out in a crowd.

For bathroom vanities, the selection of shape, materials, color, styles, and finishes is enormous (and wonderful!). What you choose will have a dramatic effect on the overall design of your bathroom. After all, it affects your day to day life as you get ready to take on the world in the morning, or wind down from a busy day at night. Why not let your bathroom vanity please your eye and hands as it hides your plumbing and holds your grooming essentials?    

Of course, you can always throw caution to the wind and go the Albert Einstein route: