I had the pleasure of participating in the design team that selected and named Miller Paint's new ColorEvolution line of paint -- updated colors for a classically modern sensibility.  

Interior Combo:

What inspired this color combination?

The loveliest pink in the collection - Pinkie Ring - is named after my mother, Pinky, who does justice to the color wherever she goes.

Further inspiration comes from this stylized photo that shimmers with the light and imaginative aspects of Pinkie Ring in a sophisticated version of the classic pink and white and grey.

How would I use each color?

In a contemporary or traditional living room:

  • Pinkie Ring - fireplace wall
  • Tahitian - floor, fireplace and accents
  • Glisten - walls
  • Wafer - doors, windows, trim, ceiling, and mantel - also furniture
  • Art and accessories bring in the softening, rosy glow of Pinkie Ring grounded in the depths of Tahitian

A bolder, more dramatic interpretation:

  • Pinkie Ring - walls
  • Tahitian - floor, fireplace, doors, windows, and trim - also furniture
  • Wafer - ceiling, mantel and accents


Exterior Combo:

What inspired this color combination?

In Miller Paint's new ColorEvolution line, Big Red is named after my father, whom we call Big Red because he turns so many heads in his red wool fedora that strangers offer to buy it from him as he's walking down the street.

Further inspiration comes from this poetic study of the enduring power of red:

How would I use each color?

  • Pipeline: Foundation, Steps, Porch and Front Door
  • Sanctuary: Body of the House
  • Powdering Snow: Trim
  • Big Red: Shutters

Let me know what you think!