What does the opulence of a peacock
look like translated into space?

photo courtesy of   splendidactually.com

photo courtesy of splendidactually.com

• • • Saturated Jewel Tones • • •

— From plums and turquoises
through orchids and deep blues —
enthroned together
on a mysterious dark ground:

photo courtesy of   happymodern.ru

photo courtesy of happymodern.ru

• • • Variation on a theme • • •

The backdrop mellowed
and the velvet punched up:

photo courtesy of   marieclaire.it

photo courtesy of marieclaire.it

Peacocky pigeon —
— on math in Russian, no less!

I call it The Elevation of Higher Math:

photo courtesy of imagekind.com

photo courtesy of imagekind.com

Bedroom given the peacock treatment:

photo courtesy of interieurhuis.info

photo courtesy of interieurhuis.info

One of my favorite artists, Richard Burlet,
paints lovely representations of women
wrapped in peacock-toned patterns:

photo courtesy of erosart.tumblr.com

photo courtesy of erosart.tumblr.com

• • • The Peacock Embodied • • •

“Right this way!”

photo courtesy of   honey-and-bee.tumblr.com

photo courtesy of honey-and-bee.tumblr.com

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