I call my business Spectacular Design out of reverence for the shaping power of what we look at on a daily basis. Whether the view is through your windows or within your walls, my mission is to create a compelling visual spectacle that feeds your soul as it is viewed every day.

I grew up in Montana and still carry with me the power of a view. At 18, I launched my life as an explorer, traveling around the country and the world, experiencing views from all sorts of windows across the northern tier. I started designing spaces for other people to live in in 2003, when my parents sold their Big Sky home of 53 years to move to Portland. Concerned about feeling dislocated by grey skies and rain, my mother picked a home with windows on the sun setting over the West Hills. I applied personalized colors (Devine butter and cream, with green and raspberry for Pink and a custom red for Big Red) to frame and accent their views, creating a personal welcome and instant sense of "home."

  Montana Skies  by  Maple-Dawn Thomsen

Montana Skies by Maple-Dawn Thomsen

   Portland Waterfront Park    by Guy Bodin  The Image Factor

Portland Waterfront Park by Guy Bodin The Image Factor

That same year I acquired, designed, and furnished a waterfront condo to rent out for corporate housing. One condo led to another; and soon I was operating a boutique extended-stay hotel.  Each condo had a unique aesthetic.  My guests loved them! They hired me to design their permanent residences, launching my design career. 

I opened my first showroom in 2010, and expanded into the Pearl's Art District, here on NW 9th, in 2015. 

My design signature is clean, edited lines, exuberant color, luxurious fabrics and natural elements of wood, stone, and metal all collaborating to create a beautiful, comfortable, functional spaces.

– Anita Sande