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Getting my profile on houzz off the ground today with the help of my graphic design guru, Paula Hopker. Creating great spaces is a snap compared to capturing and displaying them on a screen. Cruising through photos once they're up on the screen makes all the work worth it.

Here's what I found inspiring on houzz today: two intriguing spaces that I describe as gloriously calm: The Zen of High Style.


Rooted: A West Virginia private residence by Travis Price.

Beautiful pool landscape by AMS Landscape Design Studio.

What captures me within these photos is the incorporation of the natural world in the domestic sphere. Having grown up in Montana, that's what I think of as quintessential Northwest Living. 

I call my business Spectacular Design out of reverence for the shaping power of what we look at on a daily basis. Whether the view is through the windows or within the walls, my mission is to create a compelling visual spectacle that feeds the soul as it is viewed on a daily basis.